Peggy Yopp

I'm a God-fearing, down home good ole country boy that's a self-taught cook. I got my name "Bubba" from my first grandkid, Isaiah. Not grandpa, granddaddy or the usual. Just Bubba - and the name stuck. And once I got in the kitchen baking, I stuck too.

I love eating and I love cooking, especially baking. I like finding the old recipes, (or getting them from family and friends) tweaking them, and making them my own. Helping people create special memories on their birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings by making a cake just the way they want it, is what it is all about.

My oldest son Tyler got married in 2011 and wanted me to make his wedding cake. So we did - a Topsy/Turby one, a little like Tyler. He loved it and that kicked off my desire to keep at it. And we got the chance, when Peggy's son got married and his wife-to-be asked us to make the cake. Take a look over at the 'gallery of cakes' and see how we did. I hope you give us the chance to make those special memories with you on your days-whatever they may be.

Get to Know Us

Being in the kitchen is something that I have done since I was a little girl next to my mom. I started cake decorating in my teens being taught by a great lady, Mrs. Billie Blake.

After many years of cake decorating, I took a break and started my accounting business, Topsail Accounting and Tax Services. Then Billy came along and we got married in 2000. We became consultants with the Pampered Chef company and Billy started cooking so much more. He loved baking all of the new recipes. As our grandkids came along, I lost Billy and he morphed into "Bubba".

It has been wonderful having the two older ones in the kitchen with us now that they have grown big enough. We have Isaiah, Naomi, Brently, Silas, Noah, Aaron,
and one on the way. It really is all about them grandbabies. Oh by the way, let me introduce our kids. My beautiful daughter Ashley is married to Jeffrey Poteat. My son is Jared Batson with his lovely wife Lauren. Billy's oldest son Tyler is married to sweet Holly. The apple of Billy's eye is his daughter, Brenna and to finish off our family is Billy's youngest son, handsome Trey.

In November of 2013, we decided to take the Wilton cake classes and loved going together learning all the new techniques. So much of our hearts and love go into our cakes, pies and baked goods.
Seeing the excitement on the faces of little children, brides and grooms, graduates, and everyone makes doing this so rewarding.
I love being back in the cake decorating business once more. So here I am again, this time with "Bubba's Bakery", and I'm loving it even more!

Billy "Bubba" Yopp